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Shutting out the noise and drama of everyday life is liberating.

In that moment of peaceful contemplation our minds can unfold and our feelings expand and we can take that deep breath that replenishes us. Sometimes all we need is a little peace and quiet.

But sometimes we may need help to make sure we take that time for ourselves.

In regular therapy appointments we can explore deep-rooted habits and fears that may hold us back from achieving our goals. With that deeper understanding we can then lay the foundation to form regular, life-changing habits.

In these noisy and busy times it is quite difficult to find a moment to quiet our minds. We hear of mindfulness, but how to make time for meditation when our day is already manic? Learning to pay attention to ourselves in the present moment, to be indeed wholly present in the here and now, does not take much time. It is a process, a habit we can learn in small steps until it permeates our day in all kinds of little ways that make us feel more connected and more resilient to daily stress.

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