How a small decision can turn your life around

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When the world seems huge and overwhelming it can take time and space to regain perspective.

Counselling sessions may seem like an extravagance, as there is a considerable investment of time and money – but I see it as a life-changing opportunity to give yourself that time and space to help you thrive.

Believing that we are worth investing in can be a big step. There are so many financial considerations in our busy lives that we sometimes lose sight of our own importance and worth. We are conditioned from childhood to think more about others than ourselves. To be kind, to be helpful, etc. makes us worth loving. We carry those ‘conditions of worth’ into adulthood and can lose ourselves in the process.

Paying attention to ourselves and our feelings can feel uncomfortable. We ask ourselves if our dark thoughts make us unkind or bad spouses, parents, children. But we need to pay attention to our internal monologues. Where do those feelings and thoughts come from? Are they temporary or deep-rooted beliefs? How are they impacting our relationships? Can we then change the way we feel and act?

Talking about these things really helps us find our center and gain perspective and clarity.

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